Did another #ashtanga #yoga practice, a little more this time

I’m probably going to be doing a whole lot more yoga. It goes well with my studies, which I cannot wait to talk about (in April).

In other news, I FINALLY GOT MY IPHONE UNOCKED FROM AT&T & CONNECTED TO VERIZON! Woot! Woot! Am just finishing up the process of restoring the stuff on it from this morning’s backup!


Random thoughts that came up

  • Static stretching & my tendency to do everything my own way: It’s funny that I was doing static stretching for years as a warm-up to ashtanga practice, for which the “conventional wisdom” and recommendations are that you do as close to nothing to prepare, before the Suryas, as possible. In my case there are certain poses that address specific bodily imbalances which, if done briefly before an ashtanga routine, make the whole thing much more enjoyable. Contrary to some indications I try to limit my masochism
  • The beginner’s mind & the irony that excessive ego attachment is so much more prevalent in adept yoga practitioners. It makes total sense. People are attracted to things they’re good at, hence most yoga teachers are individuals who’ve experienced a lot of ego gratification via yoga, especially in the Instagram age.

Today’s practice

  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • my basic Primary, with standard omissions and additions
  • Realized I’d forgotten the Ardha Baddha Padmo yesterday. No wonder why Titthibhasana B was hard to bind! Was more of a slow, tedious practice than yesterday, but yoga is harder in a way that is not recognized by “the burn”. Also, problematically, if you increase your range of motion you kind of have to maintain attention to this permanently. This is because when lifting or building strength, things travel more than they should, and if you don’t stretch & smooth them out regularly they congeal in bad formations.
  • 2nd thru Laghu Vajrasana, then a Kapo B. I’m still not attempting a bind and lowering elbows these days. Too risky. And I didn’t precede that with an EPRK (Eka Pada Rada Kapo) because I haven’t been practicing consistently.
  • But I did do my 3 drop backs and 3 ticks after Urdhva D.
  • Finishing to my Sirsasana menu. I skipped the rest of the finishing because I’d decided to do my daily sit & pranayama after.


  • 1:17 to end of series poses for the day (to Kapo B today, w/ no Kapo reg. This is my way, post “Miami”).
  • 1:27 to finishing


#ashtanga #yoga was EXACTLY what I needed today

I had to start a bit late though, because I ate some of the most excellent (and vegan!) bean soup I made yesterday for a late lunch. I actually cooked a totally untested recipe for jam night without really worrying. It was spontaneous.

I say this over and over but I really can’t afford to neglect the yoga. I should do one full practice a week, meaning something that involves some decent forward bending, back bending, drop back and ticks. I was stiff! For the first time in memory I couldn’t just stroll into the Titthibhasana B [EDIT UPDATE, correction] that I usually do right before Kurmasana. I couldn’t get the bind! So I threw in an extra LBH that isn’t  normally in this mix, Eka Pada Sirsasana. Even then it was really tough to bind that Titthi (lol). Other LBH was as usual though, not harder.

Because it was enough to “get on the mat” in a real way (it happens so rarely) I didn’t do any of the beginning of 2nd, that I sometimes will do after my version of primary. I wanted to save my psychological fortitude for the 3 drop backs and 3 ticks. I hadn’t done ticks downstairs, where someone might witness, in ages. Mission accomplished.


#Tabata #HIIT #reps and #yoga

Tried a new channel for part 1 of today’s workout, more tabata. I must have a shorter attention span lately! Or maybe I’m doing more tabata as a bit of a “relief” alongside rep-based sets. I think reps work me a bit better than HIIT, but though I’m thorough I’m also a bit slow-ish, so they tend to take a longer amount of time that’s hard to predict.

Anyway, if you knew how much wine & beer I had yesterday, you’d be really impressed!


Lenula’s Lifting, Leaping Leg Destroyer

Warm-up (@2:30)

Tabata: (20/10 x4) +8lb vest
1. Shuffle, heel grab
2. Donkey +rockstar

Strength: (50/10 2 rounds) +8lb vest
1. Pigeon DL 40lbs
2. Sumo DL 40lbs
3. 1-leg DL (L) 30lbs
4. 1-leg DL (R)
5. DL + Squat 40lbs
6. Hamstring Curls I did reverse plank to knees-in w/ my feet on sliders instead of putting a dumbbell between my feet

QUADS +8lb vest
Tabata: (20/10×4)
1. Box Squat Jumps
2. Jump Lunges L-R

Strength: (50/10 2 rounds) +8lb vest
1. 1-Leg Squat (L) to forward lunge on R
2. 1-Leg Squat (R) to forward lunge on L
3. Lunge + Stork + Kneel (L) 20lbs
4. Lunge + Stork + Kneel (R)
5. Rotational Goblet 30lbs 1st round, 40lbs 2nd
6. Power Squat (Down slow, power up) 40lbs

GLUTES +8lb vest
Tabata: (20/10 x4)
1. Shuffle, heel grab (again… wah ha ha…)
2. Low Squat + Jump

Strength: (50/10 2 rounds)
1. Shuffle Swing 15lbs 1st round, 20lbs 2nd
2. Dragon Lunge 30lbs
3. Glute Bridge or Hip Thrust
4. Open Hip Raises 30lbs
5. Jumping 1-leg Glute Bridge (L) Changed this move to the Bender style hip thrusts from crab since I feel it more in the glutes that way
6. Jumping 1-leg Glute Bridge (R)


This is part of a random challenge Lisa posted without a video on her Facebook. Greyed out moves are ones I skipped since I’d just done a legs set. And I did less than half of it! I’m not sure how I feel about 50 reps either. 25 seems more reasonable. Anyway, after move 8 I was at about 90-min into my routine so I changed to  yoga.

  1. 50 Bench Flys (15lbs x 2)
  2. 50 Hammer Curls (15lbs x 2)
  3. 50 Lunge – Left (30lbs)
  4. 50 Lunge – Right (30lbs)
  5. 50 Bent Over Flys (10lbs x 2)
  6. 50 Bench Tuck Abs (3lbs held in feet)
  7. 50 Chest Press (20lbs x 2)
  8. 50 Arnold Press (15lbs x 2) – 30 reps


  • 45minutes

Death By Box Squats! #reps #legs #abs #yoga

Finally a high, over-the-top sort of burn! I’d gone through some of Lisa’s (BodyRock) live workouts & detailed them out, changing things here and there. For the first set I went super heavy.


Warm-up: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope


100 Day Challenge #348lb vest, whole set, except for 15 & 16. I hadn’t realized how many box jumps! Could NOT calm my heart rate down quickly. .Generally I was working heavy enough I had to take a break at every 15-count. Lisa was working on a step bench too, and for once my 13″ elevation is more challenging than the video.

  1. 25 Squat Knee Lift – Left  15lbs, Bicep Curls 20lbs Standing leg on the bench
  2. Other side 
  3. 25 Box Jumps Hadda take a break at 15 & walk down the heart rate! I like to slow down when I break into the 170s.
  4. 25 Jumps Overs (50 Total)
  5. 25 Curtsy Lunge – Left  35lbs kettlebell, held in one hand, & touching down on floor every rep (same arm as lunging leg) On floor
  6. Other side
  7. 25 Box Jumps These things are fucking killer w/ an 8lb vest and 13-inch elevation
  8. 25 Jumps Overs (50 Total)
  9. Lunge back, deep. Then come forward & lift knee – Left 40lbs
  10. Other side
  11. 25 Straddle Box Jumps just to change it up a little & oops hit 179 when I looked @15
  12. 25 Jumps Overs (50 Total)
  13. Bulgarians 30lbs Didn’t do more press-ups. Arms can feel yesterday’s heavy rows & manakers! 
  14. Other side
  15. 25 Box Jumps no vest! for this & next repeat element
  16. 25 Jumps Overs (50 Total)
  17. 25 Lateral Step-Out Squat – Left  30lbs Could put working leg on the bench but meh. Heavier weights better.
  18. Other side
  19. 25 Box Jumps
  20. 25 Jumps Overs (50 Total)
  21. 25 Switch Lunge Squat 1=1 Squat hop, jump back in a lunge & return.


Post Your Time: 50:27!!! Higher elevation & heavier weights.
Lisa – 24.56


100 Day Challenge #33

No vest.

  1. 25 Oblique Hip Dips & Leg Lifts– Left
  2. 25 V Abs – R (3lbs bet feet)
  3. 25 ObliqueDips & Leg Lifts – Right (
  4. 25 V Abs L (3lbs bet feet)
  5. 25 Straight Abs Full range of motion, curling down controlled & bringing elbows to legs
  6. 26 Reverse Curl Twist on bench, lowering legs slightly below
  7. 25 Cross Over – Left
  8. 25 Cross Overs – Right
  9. 25 Tuck Obliques – Left (hanging from pull-up bar)
  10. Other side
  11. 25 (50 Total) Forearm Plank Drop Hips
  12. 26 Plank Opp Arm Elbow Touch (feet elevated)
  13. 26 Elbow Plank Elbow Knee Touch
  14. 25 (50 Total) Russian Twists 10lbs
  15. 25 Crunches, feet on floor This routine is about obliques but I wanted to add some straight abs
  16. 30 Crunches, legs bent & feet off floor

Post Your Time: 27:46
Lisa – 12.46


23min of a super enjoyable adlib

Monday workout, #HIIT and #ashtanga #yoga

So I will be on C’s phone plan. Not sure yet if my number will change and it turns out we’ll have to deal with that Wednesday. He can’t do it early or I may get hit with more fees.

Then and Now

The menial doesn’t even pan out because they’re either incredibly abusive, while expecting an unwarranted “passion” for the job, OR they totally lie about the hours. You agree on what you can do and then you show up and everything’s different. The latter thing was particularly sad for me because now I can never shop there again. I just can’t deal with any corporation on a menial level, no matter how well reputed it might be generally, the minions are never treated well.

Didn’t used to be like that. When I’d expected to have these kinds of shit jobs (while in high school, during and then right after college, since I was stupid enough to go to art school, no matter how good the school and how well I did), they were much, much different. Back then, all of the retail spaces that I encountered employed mostly full-time staff, with benefits that were actually useable. Even the part-time staff had regular hours.

Shit I did so far today

  1. Dealt with phone issue.
  2. Meditation / hermetics: all fucking over the place internally and a lot of Aaaaaarrrrgh!!!! energy in the anahata (heart) chakra.
  3. Moved about 140lbs of equipment from the 2nd floor to the 1st.
  4. Worked out. Did my circuit training downstairs, and then spent 6min putting my stuff away & getting myself ready upstairs for the yoga portion. I was going to do more – the back bending & shit – but I didn’t feel up to that today.

Do these things count as accomplishments? I have to consider them as such. After all, it’s tempting to just lie there like a slug. But no. It’s my anniversary with life on The Hill. I will buck up. I will help cook. I will apply to more jobs I will not be considered for. But first I’ll shower and move the futon to the office.



Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

25 Minute Manmaker Burst by Kristin

“No Rest” 1 manmaker at minute interval: (24” Elevation) 60:20 Manmaker in 20-second interval – 13:30 no rest setThis set is INTENSE. I got thru it by using two 15s sometimes, as opposed to two 20s all the way through, and not wearing a vest.

1. Plank Rows 40lbs
2. Burpees
3. Renegade Rows 40lbs
4. Squats to Arnold Press (palms towards face and twist and press at top) 30lbs set + MM
5. ½ Burpee / Box Jumps 13” elevation
6. Burpee + Bicep Curls 30lbs set + MM
7. Elevated Plank Alt Cross Knee (to opp arm) Toe Touches + Tricep Pushup I did 2 cross touches & 1 push-up in between
8. Alt Curtsy Lunges 40lbs
9. Mountain Climbers On floor
10. Manmakers (30lbs set, 40lbs closing MM) Do one more in last, shorter interval

EMOM – finish suggested reps and the rest of the time is your rest period:
1. 10 Alt SA Chest Press + Scissor Leg Cross Crunch 40lbs 2=1 Same leg comes up as hand
2. 10 SL Decline Pushups 1=1
3. Weighted In & Out Squat Jumps 20lbs 2=1
4. 10 Dynamic SL Tricep Pushups
5. 10 DL squats + 10 Box Jumps 40lbs 

Tabata Pairs Finisher! : (8 min)
1 Romanian DL’s 30
Swings 35lb kettlebell

1 Broad Jumps + Clean & Press + Bunny Hop Back 40lbs
2 Clean & Press 40lbs


About 46min

  • Suryas & fundamentals, dandasana, paschimo & purvottanasana
  • no vinyasa, count 5 or 10 depending on how much I felt I needed: marichyasana A-D, pashasana, eka pada sirsa
  • my favorite finishing poses (10/60)

Rest day, #ashtanga #yoga

Rest from the HIIT that is! I was ridiculously stiff & sore last night and this morning. I’ve been over emphasizing the Julia circuits of course, and I’ve been getting a little bit low-level tweaky. So today jumping was absolutely forbidden! Well… not counting the jump throughs and jump backs and hand stands of my Primary+.

I wasn’t going to wear the monitor… But even if I know it’s going to be low part of me wants to know the stats, and that part always wins, lol.


A 106 average! That’s not even a brisk walk. This is about what a normal, low energy primary would be for me. And part of me is like, Oh man, you stopped just 2 short of cracking 400! I could’ve jogged in place for that last two. Silly.

  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • My primary+
  • Second to Laghu Vajrasana,
  • Urdhva D, 3 drop backs, 3 ticks
  • Finishing

Today’s workout, a #catwalk, #tabata #reps #yoga

Also a hike with my 12lb cat strapped to my back, though I wasn’t measuring that. The sun was out, for once, and it was a bit warm-ish. We hung Henry in his carrier from a backpack rack, and I took him up the muddy trail to Council Crest Park and back. Unfortunately, it being a Saturday there was a ton of off-leash dogs running around and kitty wanted no part of it. He didn’t want to get out of his case so I didn’t push it. I only took him out once we were on the trail, heading back. He’s been out there before.


No Rest Tabata Mashup #4 by Kristin Ritter

Warm up: 30:30
1. Butt kickers
2. Lat lunge stretches
3. Runners lunge
4. Fire hydrants
5. Fire hydrants
6. Swimmer arms SA forward & back standing & in plank

No Rest Tabata: 20:10 x8 (with 40sec break bet rounds, 18:10)
1 Twisted Plank Row Kickout 15s, Turn to the side, bring arm up in a row, kick, bring leg in & back down / Pushups
2 SL elv Bridge Bicycles / Bicycles Should’ve put ankle weights on here but I didn’t wanna adjust the weight down from 4lbs each. (It’s kind of a pain.) This was the only “off” part of the workout to me. Too soon for abs. Heart rate went back to near resting.
3 DL Squats 40 Lower weights in a deadlift, then move weights around to side & squat, then stand / SA Discuss (4x then switch sides)
4 Weighted burpees / Ski squat hammer curl 30

Circuit #1 – 4x 22min
1 8 Halo Slams to Press 20 4x halo & then press & then switch sides dropped to 15lbs for the SA press on 2nd round cause the 20 was too hard on my click-y left arm. Kept the 20lbs for the halo slam tho.
2 8 Step Up, Rev Lunge + close Row + Switch 30
3 8 Sumo DL + Sumo Squats 40
4 4 (2) Bunny Hops to Box Jump (2) Bunny Hop Back = 1 10

Circuit #2 – 3x 9min
1 12 Tricep Pushups
2 12 Switch Lunge + SA Back Fly 20 Opp arm to the leg that’s forward
3 8 per leg Curtsy Lunge + Lateral Leg Lift (hold weight against leg for lift) 30

Single DB Complex: 5 reps each side x4 9min
Go all the way through on one hand & switch.
1 Split Lunge Snatch 15 Same arm presses up as back leg
2 SA Clean, Squat & Press 20
3 SL DL 20
4 SA Swing 20
5 Goblet Squat 20 w/ pulse @ the bottom, increasing 1-5

(Time = 1:09)