Wow! I’ve only worked out 3x this week

And instead of doing it today, I rushed out of the house to go through the long weekend process of getting to the NW via public transport. I think I left at like 9:30.  It’s now 10:42 & I’m not there yet, but I’m practically giddy to be out, making all this effort just to go sit in a cafe & read a novel while killing time. I’m meeting Charlie for lunch later at my favorite Indian place in pdx. It’s not Saravana Bhavan but it’s good.

Doubtful I’ll exercise in the early evening. Seems somehow intrusive in the shared space of the downstairs. Maybe. Who cares, right?

#thermogenics #satan #XVTheDevil

I’d mentioned thermogenics in yesterday’s exercise post, but forgot to elaborate. Back in my early 30s when I was a gym rat, before the ashtanga cult sucked me in, I got a little help shedding a layer of body fat with the combination of spinning & “stackers”. I’d sometimes read mens’ fitness magazines in those days, looking for ways to tweak my system & reading product reviews. You could get ephedra in workout supplements then. It was awesome. It really works! I hadda be careful though. Just a third of the recommended daily dose made me hopped up and aggressive. 

(Worked out cause I got my first hosiery design job & had to be a ball buster to not get milked like some abused dairy cow. I never worked unpaid overtime while on salary, even as my pay scale rose. Most do.)

I was smart enough not to take six capsules a day, but there were enough people having heart attacks on treadmills to ruin it for the rest of us.

I’d like another assist & ordered the below. It’s both vegan (put your money where your mouth is) and caffeine free.

I took 1 before yesterday’s workout and 1 after, but I did get a stomach ache that lasted into the evening. I was also pretty restless trying to sleep. I’ll have to experiment with it a little & see if I can get it to work better. Maybe I just need to get used to it.

And in other news, I’ve decided to view the next couple days as fodder for writing and decision making.