3 rounds #HIIT & some easy #yoga #asana

I thought I should look for some arm targeted workouts and make a point to work specifically on the problem spot – rather that merely on “getting a workout” – two to three times per week. I’ll start with 2x a week and go for four to see if there’s any discernible difference. But first, I started with an overall cardio from my go-to source.

I haven’t done any workouts chiefly with an aesthetic motivation in mind in a long time. I do a lot of lower body work, but that’s mainly because they work the largest muscles and get the heart rate up. This is different. I’ll try targeting arms a bit.

The workout I did today is decent, but I need to write one of my own that’s heavier on the triceps and delts, I think. Not sure.

If all this fails I can:

  1. Stop wearing sleeveless tops or, better yet
  2. Refuse to let anyone photograph me wearing sleeveless tops.


15 Minute HIIT Interval Workout: Body Weight

  • (15/50) 3 rounds. 1st round with video.
  1. High Knees
  2. Burpee
  3. Lunge Kick (right)
  4. Lunge Kick (left)
  5. Decline Mountain Climber
  6. 1 Leg Hip Thrust (right)
  7. 1 Leg Hip Thrust (left)
  8. Speed Skater
  9. Jump Squat
  10. Plank Jack
  11. Sit to Stand (right), 10lbs 1st round, next rounds no weight
  12. Sit to Stand (left)
  13. Hip Lift/Leg Lift
  14. Temple Tap Abs
  15. Frogger jumping straight in rounds 1 & 3, wide in round 2

Toned, Lean Arms Workout — Rhomboids, Shoulders, Bicep, Tricep, and Chest Workout

  • Did it with the video in order to practice the movements.
  • 8 exercises, 1min rounds, 2x through with a break in between

    1. Slow, cross punch – 8lbs each arm
    2. Bicep curl extension
    3. High, low extensions
    4. Ventral, lateral raise, 8lbs
    5. External shoulder rotations – 5lbs
    6. Rhomboid squeezes – 5lbs
    7. Double cross extension – 5lbs
    8. Plyo push-ups, on floor They demo these against a wall! Even if I have fat arms, I’m strong enough to do plyo on the floor, but I wonder if a simple wide arms push-up set wouldn’t be better here.


  • About 20min easy, timed poses

2 rounds #HIIT, floor work (ass & thighs) & #yoga

I’ll say it again: a somewhat even mix between the fitness & fat burning zones feels like a really moderate, but effective workout for me. Too low and it’s generally tedious and torturous (when it’s almost all yoga & my heart rate never gets up). When the balance is too high, all fitness, I feel like I sort of beat myself up, scorch off the glucose and burn up all the gas… Or something.

That said, I could’ve had a higher burn if I’d done my bit of 2nd series and all the back bending, after the HIIT. I just felt like something different today. After so many years of slogging through rote, I reserve the right to entertain myself.



  • This is one of my own. (10/50) 2 rounds with 1min rest in between
  1. Cross Jacks
  2. Frogger
  3. Russian Kicks
  4. Knee-in / Switch Lunge
  5. High Knees Bench Tap
  6. Overhead Pull, 30lbs on bench
  7. Dips
  8. Plank Rows (without push-up) 30lbs
  9. Bicep Curls (both arms curls at once, not alternating) 30lbs
  10. Decline Spiderman Push-up Do push-up & then knee to elbow, alt sides
  11. Squat Jump
  12. Hip Thrust (right), 1st round 30lbs, back on floor. 2nd round table top, Bender style
  13. Hip Thrust (left)
  14. Plyo Jump Forward, 2 hops back
  15. Burpee Tuck Jump
  16. Russian Twist (15lbs)
  17. Reverse Curl on bench
  18. Mountain Climbers
  19. Temple Tap Abs
  20. Knee Tap Plank Jack Forearm Plank; tap knees to floor & then jack out legs

Ass & Thighs

  • (10/50) with ankle weights
  1. Butt squeezes, straight up
  2. Knees together, held, butt squeezes
  3. Knees in & then out butt squeezes
  4. Knees pulse in
  5. L) Straight leg lift & lower
  6. L) Bent leg lift flexed foot to ceiling
  7. L) Straight leg, cross at a diagonal & tap the floor
  8. L) Bent leg, pulse flexed foot to ceiling.
  9. R) Straight leg lift & lower
  10. R) Bent leg lift flexed foot to ceiling
  11. R) Straight leg, cross at a diagonal & tap the floor
  12. R) Bent leg, pulse flexed foot to ceiling.
  13. L) Lying on right side, up on elbow, lift straight left leg to the side
  14. Lift bottom leg for adductor
  15. L) bring leg to front of body, straight as possible
  16. L) bring knee to the front then kick out to a straight leg
  17. Lift bottom leg for adductor
  18. L) pulse up to the side
  19. R) Lying on left side, up on elbow, lift straight left leg to the side
  20. Lift bottom leg for adductor
  21. R) bring leg to front of body, straight as possible
  22. R) bring knee to the front then kick out to a straight leg
  23. Lift bottom leg for adductor
  24. R) pulse up to the side


  • 1min timed, easy poses

Early evening #ashtanga #yoga, #primary+

[EDIT UPDATE] I’d repeated an image & missed the burn!



I practiced upstairs, in my little office again, to take advantage of the privacy and the heat. I almost didn’t make it to the mat! I’d wanted to do some HIIT before, but my feet and legs were so sore from yesterday! I’m fit but I’m adapted to other things besides six hours of repetitive motion. I don’t know how runners manage. Being a self-defined ashtangi was bad enough. Thank god I got out without mangling myself too badly.

104! I consider this a restorative

So I did my usual except I only omitted 3 of the 4 poses of primary I usually skip, for being superfluous and not at all beneficial compared to the bits of 2nd I do. I did janu sirsasana C today, to help the feets.

I also did 3 ticks, for the first time in awhile, despite a shortage of space in the front-to-back, vertical direction. It felt good to stretch out my shoulders in that way. I should do 3 every time, really.


#meditation and #tarot

Today’s reading was spot on. I sat after. That’s a good Order of Things. Now to get ready for some art!

Amazingly while it was 57 and completely overcast when we got up this morning, it’s now sunny & will eventually get to the mid 80s in the late afternoon and early evening. That’s one big difference between the coasts! On the east coast, the hottest part of the day is always mid afternoon and that’s it. Not so, in summertime Portland. It’s best for me to get my creative work done, in my perch office upstairs, before it gets too hot. I get the sun at that time of day.

My Significator is on the cover of the book for the Wildwood deck.
FullSizeRender 2.jpg
Bow layout

12-mile #hike, Eagle Creek

Yesterday was supposed to be my rest day. We decided to go hiking… 10:30am to 5:30pm! Oy. Lots of rocks too.




My feet are still a little sore today. I really should’ve worn my hiking shoes rather than my really old Pumas. More support. By the return trip I could feel every rock underfoot.

When we pool pictures I’ll post an album on Flickr. I still like Flickr. Batch uploading from the Photos app, no format constraints.

Today’s workout is going to be low impact (hopefully) with more concentration on yoga.

3 rounds #HIIT and 30min easy, restorative #yoga

Wasn’t as gloriously enjoyable as yesterday, but I got something in. Today’s fell into the “better late than never” category. My legs & glutes were actually a bit sore from yesterday!

BTW: That 190 max heart rate reading is not accurate! I thought I looked down & saw it’d spiked up to 189 at one point. That was just the Polar malfunctioning. I can tell when I’m in the 170s and I wasn’t even that high.



Once again I’m late in the day with a workout. Oh well whatever. When life hands you an open schedule… I’m taking matters back into my own hands this week too. Dead-end situations aren’t especially appealing to anyone with professional skills.

  • (30/50) First round with video. Rounds 1 and 2 with 6lb weighted vest & high knees.
  1. Squat Jump
  2. Single Leg Glute Bridge-Right
  3. Single Leg Glute Bridge-Left
  4. Lunge Hop-Right
  5. Lunge Hop-Left
  6. Straight Abs
  7. Oblique Leg Adduction-Right
  8. Oblique Leg Adduction-Left
  9. Mountain Climbers
  10. Toe Touch Jump Frog Hopper @ Wall, rounds 2 & 3. Plank, jump feet in, jump to stack hips over shoulders, catching the balance where u can. Come down & back to plank.
  11. Tricep Dips
  12. Monkey Pushups
  13. Crab Toe Touch
  14. Decline Slow Mountain Climbers (cross knee to touch opp arm, rounds 2 & 3)
  15. Burpees


  • Timed poses, no vinyasa, beginning with a 5min Sirsasana. About 30min total in yoga.

Excellent #workout today! #HIIT & #ashtanga #yoga

Back to my normal energy levels! I didn’t think that I’d been bothered by all the pointless drama, but my subconscious felt otherwise, Friday evening. See here.


Full Body Workout: Sweat and HIIT

  • (10/50) Two rounds with a 1-min rest in between
  1.  Jump Rope
  2. High Knees Jump Rope
  3. Skier Jump Rope
  4. Jumping Jacks Jump Rope 
  5. Singe Leg Jump Rope (alternating)
  6. Speed Skater Hop Touching the floor w/ fingertips at the bottom of each hop, reaching up toward the ceiling on the hop.
  7. Warrior Lift (right) From race-start crouch to the full pose.
  8. Warrior Lift (left)
  9. Table Kick (right) 
  10. Table Kick (left)
  11. Mountain Climber
  12. Side Plank Leg Lift (right) Elevate top foot & lift bottom leg
  13. Side Plank Leg Lift (left)
  14. Urdhva Dhanurasana
  15. Reverse Curl 3lb weight bet feet


  • Suryas & fundamentals, all handstand-y
  • Second to Laghu Vajrasana, EPRK, Kapo B
  • Urdhva D to stand, 3 drop backs, 1 tick.
  • Finishing