Switching my iPhone from AT&T to Verizon has been a #nightmare #phonehostage

After way too much drama yesterday, and no I shouldn’t have written that last post. Delete! Ten views. Might be time to retire the blog again. This one was mainly about my fitness regimen, which, well… Let’s not talk about it.

And of course things are unresolved with the phone. First, neither Verizon (my new carrier) nor AT&T told us I’d need a new sim, and we had to wait a couple days for that. Then I find the activation is going to take a hell of a lot longer than “a few minutes”. It’s not like turning on your credit card when changing carriers, sadly.

AT&T has been hugely negligent

AT&T quite significantly forgot to mention I’d need to have my phone unlocked when terminating my account at the end of my latest contract. I thought they’d just add on the $31 in “Screw you!” cancellation fees to the usual auto-billing and we could call it a day, but no. I needed to log into my account and pay it off in order to get the phone unlocked so Verizon can activate the new sim. Problem was I couldn’t log into my account because my contract was over. They knew I’d need a new sim with a different carrier and they ended my account with my phone locked. I spent like an hour on chat working with “Jesus”. He didn’t save me. He just wasted my time, gave up and gave me a phone number. It took an hour and a half on the phone to be allowed to read off my credit card information.

The lady I was speaking with told me I could get into the unlock portal right after, but she lied. Didn’t work and the website error message said I’d have to wait 24-hours.

I got in a little early, this morning, but now I have to wait two more business days for “processing”. This means we’ll have to try calling back the Verizon people on Monday – Charlie and I are both busy Friday and it might not be fully processed by then anyway – and pray there are no further problems.

Right before I got off the phone with AT&T lady and she said some script-blurb about my having been a “valued customer” I snorted in disgust… It’s so hard not to take it out on these phone drones… I know it’s not their fault but there is something about the particular torture of cell phone providers that is perhaps worse than cable service companies. What do we depend on more? It probably comes down to that.

Verizon has been completely inept

When we were initially going to “quickly” get my sim in and activated before jam night, we looked at the instructions which said, STEP 1: Call this number to activate. First thing the guy asks us is if we’ve got the sim in yet, because it’s gotta be in the phone to get activated. That was our first surprise, which we weren’t prepared for. It’s STEP 2 on the manual, and a lot of the times with computers and networking equipment, the order you do things IS important. The text indicating step order was big and bold. Your instructions are badly written, Charlie and I both said to the guy, in different ways.

Then he told us to find the tool that came with the phone (Sure I’ve got that lying around from two years ago and no there was never a tool in the package to begin with) to open the Sim tray. I googled & found a paperclip would work. C got it open. Then the guy told us it had to be gold side down / logo up top, but was unclear of how to tell us which end went in first. Finally we got that straight but he said we should stick the sim in and then put the little drawer thing in after it. We immediately got the sim stuck in the phone. Right after, he denied saying that but Charlie and I both heard it.

Luckily C was able to pick the card back out (surgeon skills) and install it, in the tray first, which the agent kept insisting he’d said at the beginning. Wrong! Wrong! Powered the phone down. Powered it up and discovered it was still locked & I’d need to contact AT&T.

He said he’d call back in 20-minutes and never did! I can see why. We both refused to agree when he claimed he’d told us to put it in the tray. Why is Verizon having people with no tech training on these kinds of calls? I guess it’s for the same reason the manual is so poor. Or maybe he just knew it’d take an unreasonable amount of time -1½ hours, plus two business days instead of 20minutes – and just been playing dumb before for fun.

Rest day, #ashtanga #yoga

Rest from the HIIT that is! I was ridiculously stiff & sore last night and this morning. I’ve been over emphasizing the Julia circuits of course, and I’ve been getting a little bit low-level tweaky. So today jumping was absolutely forbidden! Well… not counting the jump throughs and jump backs and hand stands of my Primary+.

I wasn’t going to wear the monitor… But even if I know it’s going to be low part of me wants to know the stats, and that part always wins, lol.


A 106 average! That’s not even a brisk walk. This is about what a normal, low energy primary would be for me. And part of me is like, Oh man, you stopped just 2 short of cracking 400! I could’ve jogged in place for that last two. Silly.

  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • My primary+
  • Second to Laghu Vajrasana,
  • Urdhva D, 3 drop backs, 3 ticks
  • Finishing

Cooking & rest days

Taking a rest day today so thought I’d write about cooking while I wait for the chicken noodle soup to finishing simmering. Nothing like soup with homemade stock! Charlie and I are getting pretty good at roasting chickens too, I have to say.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg
The glop on top is the fresh rosemary & garlic rub.

I used the rest of the roasted veggies that we hadn’t eaten, as well as the juice (wine & stock), since we didn’t feel like going to the store today.

I just tasted the stock and it’s ah-MAZ-ing.

I sometimes regret going to the “dark side” and eating meat again. I go from month long vegan experiments to eating antipasto plates at brewpubs, but… I guess right now it’s just easiest to follow the path of least resistance.

Henry health update, #restday


I haven’t found any more fleas since the one I nabbed two days ago. The scabs that run half the length of his back have progressed from raw, wet wounds to darker and dryer. I suppose that’s good. I nearly put the cone of shame back on him yesterday.

I did order some diatomaceous earth to have on hand for the next time (because you know there will be one, if he’s getting fleas while staying mostly inside in freaking December), but though Amazon tracking says it was dropped off yesterday evening, it was nowhere to be found this morning. We live at the end of a long, windy, uphill and dead-end drive, so packages disappearing isn’t generally a problem. An Amazon query says you need to wait 36 hours before they’ll do anything about it, as sometimes packages are marked as delivered preemptively. Interesting! I’ll have to look up some more information on it before testing it out on future flea problems. You’re supposed to avoid their eyes and nose, which makes sense, but I’m not sure about any open wounds.

The weak area in my left tricep has been squawking a little bit & I haven’t taken a rest day yet this week  so I’m going to go ahead and take one today. I’m not going downtown to work tomorrow. Otherwise I’d wait until then.

Finally got all the information I needed to call the IRS, verify my identity and get my 2015 refund into final processing stage! It was one mix-up after another, but I know for certain I’d given my new address to my NYC accountant when we spoke over the summer. I remember him saying he’d put a note in my account, but of course I had no paper trail. That was the mistake that started the whole cluster fuck. I dropped the ball too but I wouldn’t have if I’d gotten my mail.

The follow-up has been pretty lack luster, and he raised his fee by $15 over the prior year too. I guess it’s pretty obvious from my (near total lack of) earnings last year that I’m not going to continue to be a client. That explains it. I’ll do my own next year. Fuck it. It’s not like I don’t have the time.

Fake rest day, light workout, About 33min #HIIT & 23min easy #yoga

Probably I should’ve just taken a rest day. I really wanted one yesterday & turned in a lackluster (due to low energy), short (due to procrastination) workout. This was because I’d taken two days off already last week and barely move otherwise.

Today is a new week and I could’ve passed. Detailed out a Julia workout & thought, That’s way too much work for today, and came up with the below. Actually I’d planned yoga that was a little more work but bailed, so I got another burn in the “short, brisk walk” category, even lower than most full primaries would be for me! I suppose it’s better than nothing. It’ll get me in the shower and dressed so there you go.


Adapted from:

Jump rope & plank

  • (15/50) with jump rope before every move for a 32:30min set.
  1. Sliders Forearm Plank Feet on sliders, go from plank to pike
  2. Pull-ups
  3. Right Side Plank From hand, adding hip dips.
  4. Left Side Plank
  5. Chatarunga
  6. Stationary Pike, feet on wall, trying to get shoulders right under hips Knee Drop Plank
  7. Plank Jack Hands
  8. Elbow Tap Plank (right) Forearm
  9. Elbow Tap Plank (left)
  10. Reverse Plank Leg Lift Plank This move & the next work upper back of the legs
  11. Superman
  12. Side Plank Leg Lift (right)
  13. Side Plank Leg Lift (left)
  14. Elevated knee in & to opp knee, alt
  15. Plank Step Feet elevated, tap opp foot down & out


  • Surya As w/ backbends & handstands – 5

(15/45) yoga intervals

  1. Virasana 30lbs
  2. Supta Virasana
  3. Malasana 5lb
  4. Paschimo
  5. Anjenayasana upright R
  6. Anjenay backbend (10lb) R
  7. Hanuman upright  R
  8. Anjenayasana upright L
  9. Anjenay backbend (10lb) L
  10. Hanuman upright L
  11. Ardha Matseyen
  12. Other side
  13. parigha var
  14. Other side
  15. Baddha Kona A
  16. Baddha Kona B
  17. Baddha Kona C
  18. Upavistha Kona
  19. Krounchasana
  20. Other side

Lost interest in the consecutive intervals.


  1. Rack 1
  2. Rack 2
  3. Sarvanga, hala, karna pida, next one, next one (lol) savasana

Body image, depression and a balanced approach to exercise

I can relate to a lot of this… Unlike Christine, I unfortunately don’t have access to a gym or heavy weights.

I can totally relate when she talks about wanting to get back to a certain leanness that she first achieved somewhat effortlessly when starting on a raw food diet. I experienced the same kind of thing when I launched on the India cycle, winter 2006. (India screwed both of us up but in different weight directions!) Sometime after 2010 I hit the ashtanga plateau, compounded by the fact that I couldn’t find a local teacher and then I also stopped going to India. I aged past 43-45, the perimenopausal window of hormonally induced belly fat. I’ve been unhappy with my weight for 4 or 5 years now.

Recently I’ve been loving the new crazy-intense workouts on Fit Body by Julia, but I cannot do them every day like she can. She’s got a few kids, but depending on when she started might even still be in her late 20s, probably with a much healthier lifestyle than mine overall. I’m way less addicted to this idea of an exercise regimen than I used to be in the days of The Cult, when missing days brought a whole lot of culturally supported guilt, but I still get a little worried about it. Now that I’m on The Hill, I’m almost entirely inactive when I’m not working out. I also won’t even bother to shower or even get dressed most of the time if I don’t exercise. I just lie here and read. That’s it.

But then I can’t seem to restrain myself from really blowing it out of the water when I do. Then I’m sore the next day and can’t seem to step up to the plate if I don’t feel I’ll be able to generate a certain level of intensity. Today I was thinking maybe to do just 15min of a HIIT and then some low key yoga, but…

None of this is of end of the world import. It wouldn’t be a tragedy if I settled into an every-other-day plan. I’d just like to be more balanced in my approach, but I guess today I will lie in bed, think about exercise and write about exercise rather than do any.

Wow! I’ve only worked out 3x this week

And instead of doing it today, I rushed out of the house to go through the long weekend process of getting to the NW via public transport. I think I left at like 9:30.  It’s now 10:42 & I’m not there yet, but I’m practically giddy to be out, making all this effort just to go sit in a cafe & read a novel while killing time. I’m meeting Charlie for lunch later at my favorite Indian place in pdx. It’s not Saravana Bhavan but it’s good.

Doubtful I’ll exercise in the early evening. Seems somehow intrusive in the shared space of the downstairs. Maybe. Who cares, right?