Ha! I burned only 297 doing a workout that says it’s good for 700 calories

Julia has spoiled me! That’s why I didn’t post the supposed burn as part of the routine title, which is how it’s shown on YouTube. I at least expected to hit half way though, not like 42%. Goes to show just how hard I’m working when I actually DO burn north of 700.

I should’ve done one of Julia’s short routines with a more serious yoga. I haven’t done anything approaching a “complete” yoga practice in quite awhile. Oh wells. I added on 35min of the easy stuff & at least cracked 400.

111 average is an indication the whole thing was tedious, lol

7X7 Workout | Strength, Cardio, Booty, Core

Section 1: Warmup + Cardio (50:10)
1) Jumping jacks
2) squat and twist
3) bird-dog
4) glute bridge
5) pendulum lunge + switch
6) side lunge into plank
7) prisoner squat jumping jacks

Section 2: Upper Body AMRAP (7 minutes) 2 rounds + 7 bicep curls
1) bicep curls – 12 reps 30LBS
2) tricep dips – 10 reps
3) army press – 10 reps 20lbs 1st round & 26lbs 2nd
4) SA row – 10 reps 20lbs (too light)

Section 3: Cardio (50:10) +8lb vest
1) jugglers
2) speed skaters
3) 2 plank hops, 1 tuck jump
4) fast feet
5) plank jack w/ shoulder tap
6) toe touch jacks
7) hop over weight 6x, 10 mountain climbers

Section 4: Lower Body (50:10)
1) goblet squats 35lbs
2) squat jumps
3) step up, lunge back (right leg)
4) step up, lunge back (left leg)
5) switch lunges
6) SL Deadlift hip thrust (right leg) 30lbs I did enough hip thrusts yesterday!
7) Other side

Section 5: BURPEES (50:10) No vest. Is too loose and annoying for a burpee set.
1) star burpees
2) plank row burpees 40lbs I can do hammer curls w/ 20lbs in each hand now. Who knew? BTW the last Bodyrock workout I did, forgot to mention that I hadn’t brought my crossfit assist band downstairs so I did full range pull-ups & chin-ups w/ no assist. I’ll have to note how many reps I got for each next time.
3) pike pushup/regular pushup burpees
4) frog burpees
5) tricep burpees
6) 180 degree burpees with tuck jump
7) squat jump pushup burpees

Section 6: Booty Burnout (50:10) With 5lb ankle weights (5lb ea leg)
1) glute kick backs (right leg)
2) glute kick backs (left leg)
3) laying leg lift (right leg)
4) laying leg lift (left leg)
5) squat and leg lift (right leg)
6) squat and leg lift (left leg)
7) elevated plank glute raises

Section 7: Core Burnout (50:10)
1) knee-in sliders
2) side plank (right side)
3) pike sliders
4) side plank (left side)
5) russian twist
6) baby plank walk with sliders

(Time 59:34 burn 297!)


  • 35min
  • Suryas, fundamentals, some twisting, savasana

#yoga & #legs

That was a low burn for 2 hours but it’s me. My biorhythms switched again. I mostly liked this leg routine. I had an inadvertent rest day yesterday too, because I was drawing before an afternoon, phone meeting & that took longer than expected.



Yoga warm-up: Suryas & fundamentals, Linda style – 27min (burn only 98 lol). Decided to skip Julia’s warm-up and instead do some serious but easy stretching to warm up. I needed a good stretch!

Strength and Plyo Leg Workout by Colleen K

HIIT at 40:20:10 4x each set + 1 round of 40 sec cardio move + 20 sec hold
With the video from 4:40. Kept my 8lb vest on for all of the legs section

SET 1:
1. Curtsy Lunge to Curtsy Deadlift 40 Curtsy down. Lift up but keep feet in place. Deadlift & step back in to standing feet together.
2. Curtsy Lunge Hops

– 40 sec Heel Clicks Standing & in pike. Love this move. :20 sec Wall sit hold position

SET 2:
1. block Staggered DL 40
2. 13″ bench Staggered squat jumps up and over
-40 sec 2 Switch Lunges to Wide Tuck Jump: 20 sec hold Switch lunge w/ pulse

SET 3:
1. Slider Pendulum Lunge w 3 Pulses 30
2. Hands on blocks Slow Slider Mt Climbers

– 40 sec Duck Lunge Sprints (lateral switch lunge touchdowns with drop and pop :20 second hold plank w/ micro tilt of pelvis

SET 4:
1. Bulgarian+ Deadlift 30
2. Bulgarian Hops

-40 sec Rolling Pistol Burpee : 20 hold Malasana squat pulse (low is but on backs of calves)

SET 5: Not a fan of this particular set. 
1. Crossover Step Ups + glute raise 20lbs Ankle weights + 8lb vest + 15lb dumbbell
2. Alternating Lateral Power Lunge Over Step

-40 sec Lateral Lunge Hops Kick, Switch Lunge:20 hold alt kicks (still had ankle weights on)

SET 6:
1. Sumo DL to Sumo Squat 40 + vest + ankle weights (about 56lbs)
2. Sumo hop + stomps

– 40 sec Dive Bomber Burpee sumo squat and heel grab:20 hold dive bombers

SET 7:
1. Step up rev lunge 40 + vest = really challenging for me
2. Rocket step ups

-40 sec box jump to plank hop: 20 hold plank hop

SET 8:
1. Dragon Lunge
2. Lunge back touchdown kick

-40 sec touchdowns to star jump: 20 hold

Back and Shoulders REPS

Superset 1 (2X)
-8 SA Rows 20
-8 Rear Delt Fly 20

Superset 2 (2X)
-8 Bent rev grip Row 40
-8 Clean and Press 40

Superset 3 (2X)
-8 Split Lunge Snatch 30 but I can’t do them correctly. I can only snatch them half way, so they’re on my shoulders, and then press overhead once landed in the lunge.
-8 halo slams 20

Core- 6 min AMRAP on bench
1. 4 Decline burpee to pistol
2. 8 Decline frog hops
3. 4 Decline Plank Toe Touches to pike jump
4. 8 Decline fast feet (face melters)

(Time = 1:23 for the Leg workout)

Closed with  4min stretch

The Renunciate’s Elevated Cave

I once was in a place where I could get anywhere at all times, and I had about 20 appetizing restaurants within a 10-minute walk, plus two health food stores and the largest Whole Foods in Manhattan. Now I’m on The Hill and have been without ANY public transportation since January 11th. There was some on the 10th, but then it started snowing heavily that evening and it continued through the morning. After that, everything froze for a good, long while, and Portland neither salts its roads nor owns more than two (I think) ploughs. They should pay all the unemployed creatives to shovel! LOL. But then they’d advertise it as a volunteer, no doubt. And they’d probably have a strict age limit of 35 because liability.

Fuck the close-minded fuckers all the way to hell

And once again, I had every reason to believe I’d succeed. I had to acknowledge the risk, but I thought it was a small one. I have REALLY learned what our society thinks about women since I moved. It is what it is, I guess. It’s funny but now I’m doing some free design work for Trey, who lives up here on The Hill also. He’s Cymon’s boyfriend. (Unpaid work is plentiful… Meanwhile I’m still forking out $50 a month for Creative Cloud. It’d be nice if I could get at least that covered but… Portland. It’d also be nice if these volunteer samples resulted in paid work, but the last time I was hoping for such a result it did not occur, mainly because I’m limited to the free advertising of Craig’s List Portland.)  Anyway, I showed him how to Air Drop some image reference to me and he was all, “Oh man, cool!” Hadn’t been aware of it. Does it fucking matter that I’m fucking UP ON THINGS? No. It fucking does not if I’m immediately disqualified due to age. And I know from past experience I can run circles around most designers in terms of efficiency, once I know the product and this does not take long.

I got my workout in. Tomorrow I think I’ll do the 1/3 HIIT / 2/3 yoga format.




Warm-up: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope intervals

New Years Eve Workout by Christine Comeau

20:17 no rest tabata pairs (20 secs move #1, 17 secs move #2 x4) 6:23
With 8lb vest. Kicked my ASS. Haven’t been wearing it lately.

1. Tuck jump burpee (tuck at top and the bottom)
a. Toe touch jacks
2. Box jump burpee
a. Box jumps
3. Plank hop + vertical frog jump
a. Plank hops
4. High knee runs + drop and pop
a. High knee runs
5. Broad jump + bunny hop back
a. Bunny hop
6. Skaters
a. SL box jumps (on the floor)

DumbBELL Time Pyramid (50:10:30:10:15:10 complete for each move before moving on) 18:45 mins
1. Squat slam + halo up 20
2. RL fwd lung and lateral raise chop 10
3. SA snatch to split lunge right 15 I was thinking I wouldn’t like this move & was right. I’d rather do a stationary clean & press w/ SA and 20lb
4. Staggered push up + tuck jump over block
5. LL fwd lunge and lateral raise chop
6. SA snatch lunge left 15
7. Squat and press, drop weights and squat jump 40 This really DID send my heart rate through the roof, and for some reason swings with a kettle bell (next move) are extra rocket-y for me. 
8. Kettlebell swing 35 Reg height, to shoulder level Had to hit pause after 50-sec interval to let my heart rate lower. Took the time to make notes 🙂
9. Staggered push up + t-stand press 15

AMRAP (5 minutes- start at 10 reps per move, every round remove one rep)
Score: only got thru the 10s and 9s complete & to 6 star jumps in the 8s.
1. Toe touch jacks
2. SL tricep pushups
3. Star jumps
4. X & O abs (low boat x to tuck abs)

Reps This set was counting down in reps from 10-1, for a NYC thing. I get that it’s a change of pace & is playful but I wanted more reps so I did 10 of all & changed the last move.

Time = 12min Hadda run out of the room a couple times to fetch equipment I’d forgotten
10 reps plank + leg kick through 2=1, feet on bench
10 reps decline pike push up
10 repsV-ups hold 3lb weight bet feet & 10lbs in hands
10 reps handstand leg squeezing ball + shoulder taps (2=1)
10 reps hamstring pulls on sliders
10 reps reverse curls, 5lbs bet feet
10 reps  v ups (2=1) 3lbs
10 reps tucks 3lbs
10 reps slider pike tucks
50 crunches leg squeeze plank hold 30 seconds

Combo moves pyramid (from 8-6-4-2)
Time = 18min
1. Tricep pushup / plank hops / tricep kickback 10
2. Alt rows 20s / plank hop / standing, fast, alt rows This was tough w/ two 20s!
3. Squat jump (weights in hands) 30 + hammer curl in squat
4. Bench flutter kick abs and punches ankle weights, C-sit on bench, 10lbs each hand / Reverse Curls w/ ankle weights Decided to make this one a combo move too rather than having a descending order of reps with a somewhat arbitrary break.

(Total time = 1:28)


  • About 15min


Anxiety levels are high today #Christmas #crazies

I guess I am not immune! My seated meditation didn’t relieve it either. But at least I did a little drawing and got my “don’t blow yer brains out” workout in.

I’ve gotta get to work on a reversal spell already. I’ve got most of the tools already, but I have to go back & select / fine tune a specific ritual.


Warm-up: (10/30)x6=4min Accidentally did 7x b/c forgot to start my monitor b4 the first interval

Day 3: Burpee Around the Christmas Tree

No vest for any of this. It gets my shoulders too tight to do a push-up focused routine with the vest. It’s way better (for me) for lower body with some upper body sets.

PART 1: x min

Tabata pairs 20:10 8x, 4 mins per pair + reps 

Set 1:
1. Plank jack + shoulder tap (2) to plank tuck jump
2. Wide curl Arnold press 30

10 burpee squat hold bi curl 30 curl in low squat, stand, then squat down & release curl again

Set 2:
1. Lateral step up to curtsy lunge 30 (switch legs after 2 rounds)
2. Single weight front raise. Turn to 1 side lunge & lift weight to overhead raise, alt sides 10 first 2 rounds was too light. 15lbs a little heavy. Also very hard to pivot feet on carpeting.

10 decline spider push-up (1) burpee air lunge jump like a super high switch lunge jump

Set 3:
1. Step up to rev lunge (switch legs after 2 rounds) 30 same foot that steps on the bench lunges back
2. Close bent row to upright row 30

10 twisted burpee (twisted mtn climber bottom, twisted switch Lunge at top) no push-up

Set 4:
1. Crab toe touch to side plank toe tap Roll onto side of foot you lift to touch (leg lift, tap front, back & set back down for crab (switch sides after 2 rounds)
2. Y presses, single-single-dbl 26

10 alt oblique burpee t stand dip alt sides

Set 5:
1. SL Mat hop + commando (switch legs second round) hop to each side & do a plank walk
2. Tricep kickbacks, single-single-dbl 26 Have been plateaued at 10lbs each arm here for awhile, bc I thought it’d be too clumsy hanging onto an additional 3lb weight w/ thumbs. I did it today! Made a difference.

10 SL tricep burpee hitch kick I really like this burpee variation!

(Time to this point 45:00)


No rest Tabata 20:10 8x 4 mins per paired move = 13min
30 sec rest in between rounds

1. Shalabhasana burpee: shoulder taps
2. Dive bomber burpee 2 star jumps: plank jacks
3. Bulgarian DL to SL pushup: Box jumps


Daniela’s Cardio AMRAP 8 minutes 8 reps each. 2 full rounds, a few seconds over to finish the last round, despite the fact that I forgot to omit the push-ups for move 3!
Wore my weighted vest for this set as it’s mostly lower body
1. Squat jump / heel click
2. Tornado switch lunges Front leg crosses in front of the back
3. Cannonball burpee Tuck jump in plank & at the top, no push-up
4. Star jumps
5. Froggy pushup plank tuck jump

Mini Pyramid Burnout upper body:
10 wide bi curl to Arnold presses 30
8 front raise to twist and OH raise 15 Each time u come to the center = 1 rep
6 close row to upright rows 30
4 Y presses SSD 26
2 tricep kickbacks SSD 30

Mini Pyramid Burnout Booty:
10 reps – 4 plank jack shoulder taps & plank tuck jump Balls of feet sore here – ill fitting, cheap sneakers bah.
8 lat step ups to curtsy/leg 30 Same leg curtsies as steps up
6 step up rev lunge/leg 30 Same leg lunges as steps up
4 crab toe touches to side plank toe taps/side
2 SL mat hops +commando

(Total time 1:23)

DAY 2 : Format Chaos Christmas Tree by Christine Comeau

Did this along with the video. Intense! I wanna do all 12 days of this series but it won’t at all be consecutive, lol. I’m not up for one of these every day! I also got in a walk up to Council Crest Park with Charlie and Rocco today, though I was very slow. I got some snow boots but it’s like I don’t trust my own feet to stay under me. Coming back down the trail I insisted on putting on C’s cleat things and I still went at a snail’s pace. I didn’t grow up with parents who wanted to do anything more adventurous than trudge around suburban shopping malls, is my excuse.


Warmup: 5 reps each
Jumping jacks
Side lunge toe touches 1+1=1
Squat jumps
3 way lunge switch forward lunge, side & rev l & switch

Round 1: (12 reps/per leg) with 8lb vest 
1. Curtsy deadlifts 30 Leg stays in curtsy. Do 12 reps & then switch legs

Round 2: No rest tabata (20:10 x 4 each move pair) 4min
1. Squat + rear leg lifts 30 / lunge pulses 30 
2. Fwd lunges 30 /switch lunges

Round 3: (50:10) – 3 min
1. Booty: Fast feet in pike 5 + 2 pike glute hops (like 3/4s a handstand, alt lead leg)
2. Lunges: Iron quadzillas
3. Shoulder: inchworm hops + plank jack shoulder taps x4 at the bottom

Round 4: (EMOM)- heavy weights 4 min with vest, 30
1. Deadlift
2. Curtsy Lunge keeping deadlift bet sides
3. Bicep curl + arnold press
4. Deep squat

Round 5: (10 reps)
1. Sumo deadlift + hop 30
2. Back load fwd lunge 30 alt, 10 per leg
3. Clean and press 40
4. Squats: Bum touches bench 40
5. Bench: weighted step ups 2ten per leg & switch, leaving working leg on bench

Round 6: No rest tabata (20:10 x 4 each move pair) 6:20 min
1. Hydrant in bear crawl holds / lateral touchdowns (lateral hops touching floor on the low)
2. Scarecrow arms 20 Arms @ right angles, lift to shoulder height, goal post arms, squeeze elbows together in front, rotate hands back to level, lower arms / weighted squat jumps 20 Weights in hip creases
3. Decline burpee/ high knee toe taps

Round 7: (50:10)- heavy weights 7:35 min
1. Suitcase Deadlift + tuck jump 30
2. Curtsy Lunge + squat press
3. Clean and press + plank hop 30
4. Slider Pike abs twerknados
5. ninja jump Step up & kick back + box jump
6. BTricep push up +4 squat pulses
7. Bosu  Mountain climbers

Round 8: (AMRAP) –
3min: 2 SL deadlift to rainbows 30 +2 alt curtsy lunges to narrow press and front load squat
2min: Decline pushup to plank hop, broad jump, roll back, squat, broad jump back picking up 10lb weight instead of Bosu

Round 9: (30:10)- body weight
1. Bear crawl donkey kick pulse + kick up into headstand
2. Plyo curtsy lunges
3. Handstand, shoulder taps
4. Lat squat hops + squat hold and side toe taps
5. Plyo box: seated squat jumps
6. Spider push up x2 + frog jump
7. Straddle bench squat jumps
8. Dive bomber
9. Decline wide pushup + glute raise

Round 10 No Rest Tabata Pairs (20:10 x4): heavy, light weight 10 min
1. Runners lunge toe taps in/switch lunges
2. Arnold presses 30 /3 way squat jumps (ski, std, sumo)
3. Decline burpee/lateral box jumps
4. Decline on bosu diamond push ups/decline plank hops Took my vest off after the 1st round of the decline diamond push-ups. TOUGH!!
5. Narrow row 30 /dips

Round 11 (6 reps): heavy + medium weights
1. Deadlift 40
2. OH back lunges 20
3. Shoulder press 40
4. Narrow squats 40
5. Box jump
6. Standard burpees
7. C-sit on ball knees in + jump up and 2 tucks Wouldn’t do this move again. I’d do a roll back so I could get to my feet easily
8. Push-up: tricep push ups
9. Back: bent over rows 40
10. Tricep: tricep kickbacks 20
11. Bicep: curls 30

Round 12: (AMRAP)
3 min: Goblet squat to back lunge wood chopper (x2) + 5 overhead swings 20 Was a bit heavy for me by this point but didn’t drop down

2 mins: Squat and press to 30 box jump up and down to staggered pushup (one hand on weight)

2 mins: Slider Bosu mtn climbers (6) to 2 jack pushups to pike abs pick up bosu to 2 OH tricep extensions

(Time 1:35)

Ended with some stretching, not really “yoga”, but I’ll get some in again soon.

Who the hell knows how long this workout took me? Was fun tho.

Ya, ya I was supposed to do astanga but I felt like I wouldn’t be able to keep my blood out of my feet today, “moving”, in other words. HIIT is much more reliable in its physiological and emotional effects, and sans monitor still I decided to follow along with a Julia routine without previewing. I ended up taking forEVER, stopping after each section to jot down notes. Hey who cares how long it takes me if it’s not in the stats? 🙂

I’m very pleased Julia got ankle weights because I love using mine. I bought them way back for the constant rehabilitation of my previously impervious knees, which kicked in after about 2.5 years of full 3rd series. I use them mainly for inner & outer thighs & glute work, so they’re a little heavy for me for ab work involving extended legs. Plus I just did some of that yesterday! Definitely pushes me out of my comfort zone.

Holiday Happiness Workout by Jori

Warm-up: 10 reps each
– Jumping Jacks (for Joy)
– Squats (for Presents)
– Lunges (Reindeer Pulling Santa’s Sleigh)
– Push-up Rotations (Looking to the Sky waiting for Santa)

Melting Frosty (x 2) 50:10 10 mins with 8lb vest, which I regretted when I got to move 5!
1.Wide Bicep Curl + Press Outs (Twig Arms) 20
2.Bent Over (button) Rows (Jacket/Coat) 40
3.Diagonal Cross Body Front Raises (alt R/L) (Scarf) 20
4.Tricep OH Extensions (Hat blows off) 20
ball block squeeze (bet thighs) diamond Push-ups

The Grinch’s Legs (x 2) 10 reps each with 8lb vest
1.Sumo Squats + 4 Sumo Pulses 30
2.Pendulum Lunges Right on Sliders 3 pulses 30 / 20
3.Pendulum Lunges Left on Sliders 3 pulses
4.Deadlifts 30/40 When I don’t preview a workout I find myself stopping after every set to take notes. I’m especially bad today when I’m still sans monitor. 

The Star of David (Tabata Pair: (4 min) 20:10 x 8) with 8lb vest
1.Star Jump Burpee Box Jumps
2.Plank Jack Toe Touch

Santa’s Bowl Full Of Jelly (x 2)
With ankle weights. I think mine are about 4lbs per leg. I think each of the little bags is 1lb & I’ve got 4 of 6 filled.
1.10 Ball Block Passes
2.20 Flutter Kicks
3.10 Side to Side V-ups MAN are these hard w/ 2 ankle weights. I’d started out handicapping by holding a 3lb weight bet feet and that’s a big difference. Then I moved up to a 5lb (sometimes, not always). 
4.10 elevated Commandos

The Menorah’s Shine (Tabata Pair: (4 min) 20:10 x 8) No vest
1.Candle Stick Burpee
2.Split low Jack Lunges (1/2 a Jumping Jack into a Rev. Lunge Right, 1/2 Jump Jack into a Rev. Lunge Left) I’m not too good at getting my vest on & off quickly (it’s a cheap one which might be the problem), so I held a 5lb weight in each hand @ my hip crease for these.

Home Alone: Kevin’s Booby Traps (x 2) 50:10 6 mins
1.Agility: In, In, Out, Out (over step, Bosu, Bench, or just on floor like a ladder)
2.High Knees Side to Side Laterally (L-R) to end of Mat with Lunge back touch down hitch kick
3.Big Hurdle: Burpee w/ Push-up and into lunge and pike jump Was really bad at this one! I can barely do the pike jump starting with both legs together. I took off my vest for the 2nd set & since I’d mistakenly alternated the lunge legs 1st time thru kept that. I’m marginally better when it’s the LL back.

6 Min AMRAP  (5 reps each exercise) No vest
1. Broad Jump Forward + Tricep Push-up + 4 Plank jack Shoulder Taps + Bear Crawl Back
2. Oblique Plank Hops w/ 3 OH Swings 15
3. 8 Mt. Climbers (I did mine 1+1=2) + x 2 Lateral hop Plyo Push-Ups (L/R)

Bootyful Legs and Butt Burnout:50:10 2x Stay on one leg for first round then switch for the second round: with ankle weights
1.Donkey kicks (ceiling stomps)
2.Straight leg lifts
3.Fire hydrants
4.Plank kick unders and toe touch
5.Crab toe touch

Some yoga poses

I’ll try to do a serious practice tomorrow. Maybe I should go ahead & order a new monitor from Amazon today, in case the battery doesn’t work on the situation Tues…

Today’s workout was great

Unfortunately I am lacking those super motivational (for me) stats

My latest Polar crapped out in the middle of group 2 of the first section, and I bet this routine would’ve been a 700 level. I’d been toying with getting a haircut, but I think I need to order a new Polar pronto, and now I’m gonna have to repeat this routine.

[EDIT UPDATE] I looked on Amazon to find out what kind of battery & there is thankfully a link to the help manual on the product page there. I figured out how to get the battery out (not that easy, especially when you can’t see well close-up), so I ordered a new one for $5. I hope this fixes the problem! For me, having a stat readout at the end of every workout somehow compensates for: no studio, no company, no influx outside energy whatsoever. It’s all self-generated, baby, and if having stats is a help then…

Cardio and Strength Mix by Daniela

Warm-up: 6x(10/30)=4min jump rope intervals

Groups 1-3 w/ 8lb weighted vest

Group 1
: 9 mins (80:40 w/ 15sec rests)
1. Clean and press to OH rev lunge, 30:burpee 2 squat jumps
2. Curtsy lunge shoulder press, 30:toe taps
3. LL Lateral step up leg lift, 30: press jacks, 10 Pressing weight up & out in front, alt
4. Ski squat hammer curl, 30: plank hop + narrow tuck and wide tuck

Group 2: 9 mins
1. Plank hop and rev grip row, DL , 30 Should be at least 40: SL lateral hop and star jump
2. Front raise in plank to plank hop tricep kickback, 20 / 180 vertical frog hops
3. LL Bulgarian and y press, 30: LL Bulgarian hop clap under to SL pushup
4. RL lateral step up leg lift, 30: swings, 35

Group 3: 9 mins
1. Alt Fwd lunge and chop, 15:2x jab cross + heel grab
2. Wide DL + close row and sumo squat, 40: squat jump and roundhouse kick
3. RL Bulgarian and bicep curl, 30: RL Bulgarian hop and clap under to SL pushup
4. Rev fly in plank plank hop and Arnold press to OH surrenders, 20: explosive pushup and slam hand on bench

PART 2: EMOM strength 7 minutes, 20lbs + 8lb vest
Man, I started w/ only 10 in each hand! Was glad I did cause w/ 7min no rest I had to drop down to one 10 in the last move, where your arms are held up over your head the whole time.

1. Alt step ups
2. Step up +curtsy lunges
3. Step ups +curtsy lunges+ shoulder press
4. Step ups +curtsy lunges+ shoulder press+ surrender
5. curtsy lunges+ shoulder press+ surrender
6. shoulder press + surrender
7. surrenders

PART 3: EMOM cardio 7 minutes No freaking vest HERE folks!!
1. 10 mtn climbers + pushup
2. 10 mtn climbers + pushup + 2 plank frog hops
3. 10 mtn climbers + pushup + 2 plank frog hops + 2 tuck jumps
4. 10 mtn climbers + pushup + 2 plank frog hops+ 2 tuck jumps +1 quadzilla
5. 2 plank frog hops + 2 tuck jumps + 1 quazilla
6. 2 tuck jumps 1 quadzilla
7. quadzillas

burnout: 3 minutes AMRAP climb the wall:
1. 5 count wall sit
2. 5 wall mtn climbers 2=1
3. 5 L stands leg lifts 2=1
4. 180 squat jump to plank hop 2 rev commandos with hands onto wall

Bench burnout
20 up and over bench
10 bench burpees
10 bench elv pushups
20 bench mtn climbers
10 tuck abs 3lb weight bet feet
10 in and out abs 5lbs ea hand
20 in and out squat jumps On floor
10 clap pushups
10 pistols sl plank hop pushups

2x thru
10 V-ups
10 V-ups
10 V-ups
10 side heel taps
10 straight leg toe taps