Wednesday workout #reps & #pyramid

Just for fun I decided to try filming but I’m headless for like 3/4s of it, lol. And it’s real time so not sure if I’ll bother to condense it. (If I do post I’ll update with a link here later.)

When I used to post my sort of artsy, fast speed summaries I’d inevitably get someone commenting on YouTube on how annoying that is & that I need to do real time, but see, I’m not advertising myself as a trainer. Most of the time I’m following along with or adapting workouts. Even when I’m not, the intention isn’t to instruct but merely to share, like show & tell.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

Combo Move Pyramids : 1-5 reps

  1. Burpee, frog plank hop, angry donkey, jump squat
  2. Groiners, spider push up, kick through, plank jacks shoulder tap 2=1 the kick-throughs – step forward
  3. Roll back, tricep push up, plank tuck jump, tuck jump For tricep roll-back repeats, just come up to stand until u get to the last 1 b4 tri push-up
  4. Reverse lunge kick front 2=1 (finish reps on each leg b4 switching), in and out squat, 2 switch lunges, skaters 2=1
  5. Pistol squat, 1 leg burpee, Lunge back touch down rocket up (I alternated legs instead of going to 5 on the first side & switching.)
  6. 10 Jugglers, 10 speed skaters 1=1, 10 standing mountain climbers 1=1, 10 mountain climbers 2=1, 10 Squat Jacks – pyramid to 50

Burn out: Reps AMRAP 10 minutes I was on rep 8 on the 2nd move when the timer went off, and I decided to just complete the round.
10 pike push-up to pike jumps
10 diamond push-ups to diamond jumps
10 tricep dips crab toe touches 10 on one side & 10 on the other
10 T-stand dips toe touches/side

Ab Bonus 2x

  1. 25 leg raises
  2. 20 flutter kicks
  3. 15 dips per side
  4. 10 V-ups
  5. 5 sit-ups arms behind head

(Time = 1:32)

Didn’t stretch at all today. I thought it was going to be jam night at the other guy’s house & ran downstairs to ask C if he wanted to have a beer with me before he left. So, shower time after I post this.

Thursday workout II

Earlier I got tricked into a hike up the hill in the snow. All these things I’d never done before, like shoveling! I’d somehow managed to lead a very sheltered – if distinctly non acquisitive or material in any way typical – existence. I have to admit it was very pretty.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope intervals

DAY 11: Santa’s On His Way!! By Jori

This was actually a pretty low burn for being a Julia workout. It was a little too choppy, I think.

Drill #1: Time = 39min I’m super slow w/ manmakers (a 6-part move) ANYway, and this was my first time doing so many reps with 20lbs in each hand. 
2 Exercises, Descending Ladder (start from 8 reps) This means 36 reps per component of each move, meaning 72 tricep push-ups within the manmakers.
1. Manmakers 40
2. Handstand, switch lunges + criss cross

Drill #2: Tabata Pair: 20:10 (4 min) x 8 Didn’t much like this round. Would replace if repeating this workout.
1. Twerknados 20s @ either end of mat. Broad jump toward one, pick up w/ alt hand, 180 jump. Put weight down & broad jump to other weight.
2. x2 Right Side Squat Walks + Hammer Curl + I hate pivoting on a carpet so I changed this to lateral raises after 2 round Press OH as you rotate torso to the right in a lunge20 Decided to go light on the weights here & take it easy on that left arm. 

Drill #3Time = 10min
2 Exercises, Descending Ladder (start from 8 reps)
1. Kettlebell Swings Slams 35
2. Commando and 3 Mat Jumps Start w/ legs off the mat to one side & go down 1st on that arm.

Drill #4:  (4 min AMRAP) 10 reps each
Score = 1 rounds & first two moves of 2nd round
1. Jump Squats
2. Hand Release Push-ups
3. DB Walking (or forward) Lunges (L+ R = 2 so 1=1)
4. Speed Skaters (2=1)

Drill #5:
2 Exercises, Descending Ladder (start from 8 reps) Time = 15min I didn’t wear my vest for any part of today’s workout, and I still considered bailing at the beginning of this ladder. Maybe it’s the extra outdoor activities (shoveling after yesterday’s workout & a mini hike in the snow before today’s)
1. Box Jump Burpees
2. Inchworm to Spider Push-up with Leg Sweep to side (“Jori Style”) Alt. L/R

Drill #6: Tabata Pair: 4min: 20:10 x 8)
1. Mt. Climbers
2. Rollback Star Jump + Tuck Jump

20/10 Arctic Blast (Adapted from Men’s Health) @53:27
This was the only part I did along with the video, mainly because I hadn’t gotten around to previewing the ending and it was time-based too.

1. Low Skaters :10 sec Balance on Left Leg (hold)
2. Low Skaters:10 sec Balance on Right Leg (hold)
3. Quick Plank Jacks: 10 sec L Elbow Plank with leg lift (hold)
4. Plank Jack Push-ups: 10 sec R Elbow Plank with leg lift (hold)
5. Bunny hops in place: 10 sec Hold Low Squat
6. Bunny hops in place: 10 sec Hold Low Squat
7. Hand, Shoulder, Hip, Butt Taps in Plank: 10 sec T-Rotations Alt. R/L
8. Hand, Shoulder, Hip, Butt Taps in Plank: T-Rotations Alt. R/L
9. Jump Lunges (or Tuck Jump Lunges): 10 sec Static Lunge Hold Left
10. Jump Lunges (or Tuck Jump Lunges): 10 sec Static Lunge Hold Right
11. Pulse Push-ups at Bottom (only 1/2 way up: 10 sec Mt. Climbers
12. Pulse Push-ups at Bottom (only 1/2 way up): 10 sec Mt. Climbers
13. R SL burpee:10 sec Hold Squat
14. L SL burpee: 10 sec High Knee Fast Sprint!!!

(total time = 1:45)


Only about 8min. The bare minimum. I was pooped!

#HIIT #tabata #EMOM #reps #yoga

I’m glad I saved this one for the first workout after getting another 20lb dumbbell. I could use still more for some things, but this allowed me to bump up my load by 10lbs for a lot more moves.


WARM UP Jump rope (10/30×6=4min)

DAY 8: Bootyful Christmas Wishes Workout by Kristin R

60:30:15 1x (7 min) with 8lb vest
1. Squats 40  – RL lateral curtsy Step up 20 Cautious here cause of the knee crossing over thing but I could’ve done 30
2. Sumo Squats 40 – LL lateral curtsy Step up 20
3. RL Pendulum Lunge 40 – Skaters
4. LL Pendulum Lunge 40 – Switch Lunges

Tabata: 20:10 x 8  for each movewith 8lb vest for all but move 1
1. SL Rollback (pistol down) burpee rev lunge touchdown, Rocket up (alt legs each round)
2. Box jump plank hop
3. Squat Jumps No added weight besides vest
4. 3 Lateral lunge Hops + Switch with 8lb vest

EMOM:60:60 (5 min) with 8lb vest
1. Weighted SL box squats 10
2. Weighted SL box squats 10
3. Narrow Squats 40
4. Deadlifts 40
5. Sumo squats 40

1. 20 Pulsing RL Curtsy – 10 Curtsy Lunges 40
2. 20 Pulsing LL Curtsy – 10 Curtsy Lunges 40
3. 20 Pulsing Hip Thrusts – 10 Hip Thrusts 40
4. 20 Pulsing Weighted Calf Raises – 10 Weighted Calf Raises 40

Pyramid: 1-8 reps for move 1, 8-1 reps for move 2, 1-8 reps for move 3, and 8-1 for move 4.
Turned off the video to do reps & started this wrong. I did 1-8 reps for move 1 and then started 8-1 on that same move! Doh. Oh well a little added booty
1. Weighted Elevated Hip Bridge to Frog Bridge 40
2. Glute Hyperextension to Alt SL Glute Raise
3. Deadlift to Sumo DL 40
4. Fire hydrants to rainbow with ankle weights. Count was too fast here I think. (I was back to “with video”.)

EMOM Burnout for 5 minutes with 8lb vest
Every minute for 5 minutes do:

10 squats alt toe taps back 40 + 5 plank thrusts. The remaining time each minute is a rest period.

my time 7min
20 swings 35
20 hip thrusts 40
20 squat jumps
15 swings
15 hip thrusts
15 squat jumps
10 swings
10 hip thrusts
10 squat jumps
5 swings
5 hip thrusts
5 squat jumps

Total time 1:25


About 20min

I burned like a MOTHERFUCKER today, #RISD memories

No one is exempt from the arms of evil.

I’m glad I buried the caldron of my second reversal spell yesterday. It’s all snowy on the ground, and it belongs with last year, the past. I feel both smug and protected. Look OUT because Linda’s got her back up. I didn’t die in a battle in 1064 for nothing. I’ve got my sword out & if I think you deserve it I’ll cut your fucking head off.

You don’t want to be on my bad side

I remember running into a professor I’d had freshman year at RISD a couple years after our studio class, on the hills of Providence. He’d been a tough one to win over, and had once sneeringly said I should check out the 19th Century French Academics, because my style was (condescending tones) “so illustrative. He actually did me a favor. I love that school of painting!

When we had our mid semester review I told him what my goals for it were. I might’ve said something along the lines of, “You’ll see,” or “I’m going to get that A”. There were generally only one or two of them available per 30 student foundation class.

A little while later we were in the midst of a two model session and there was a guest artist who’d come to observe and lecture. Studios were 6 or 7 hours long, which is a marathon of a meditative endurance test, but there was a lunch break in the middle. I was having a good day & smoked a joint in my dorm room over break. When I got back I was aware I was generating interest, and I could sometimes be a bit of a ham, drawing in a sort-of dramatic pose while pretending I wasn’t. I felt my professor and the guest stop behind me. They started talking. She was clearly won over and immediately he followed suit. You pussy, I thought, but I knew I’d done my job. At the end of my semester I got my A and a somewhat bemused admission. I didn’t think you could do it, he said, but you did.

After freshman year I discovered I could throw my 92-pounds (at the time) with impunity. Speak up! Fight for what you want. If you don’t get it immediately, lock into the long term torture. You’ll get it. When we bumped into each other later we had a friendly chat and then he regarded me for a moment appraisingly. I wouldn’t want to be on your bad side.

I think this is the 1st time I used the yoga as a warm-up for the workout.

Not like it’s my intention to aim for higher and higher, more over-the-fucking-top burns, I’m just finally feeling better and I think my body was predisposed to burn extra high after the enforced rest. My heart rate was high all through the astanga warm-up.


Warm-up: Suryas & fundamentals, my style of astanga. Time=27:35

This is from DAY 7: Jump for Joy by Daniela, Kristin, and Julia

Combo Moves Pyramid: Do each move for 1 rep, then each part of that move for 2 reps and so on until you reach 8 reps. Each part of each move has 36 reps.

Time = 12:59-2:11, 71min

1. DL + Rev Lunge (both sides) + squat 30 + vest
2. Leg lower with chest fly + crunch toe touch 30 Fly arms & legs go down @ same time. Toe touch is an abs thing, legs in the air, pressing weights up. Pretty challenging doing sit-ups holding 30lbs in the air! LOL. It’s not a lot of weight for the flies but. I did my part 2 of this move a bit different from J.
3. Sumo squat + upright row +hammer curl 30 + vest
4. tricep pushup + plank tuck + to alt plank kickbacks 20
5. SL Pike push-up with Hand on weight (opp leg in air) + Runners Lunge + Row + Knee Drive (2 sided move) 15lbs This 1 move has 72 pike push-ups, lol. But actually that’s the easiest section, if you’re not wearing a vest at least.
6. bunny hop (in place) + box jump+ to clean squat and press vest + 30 Holding weights only for the squat & press 

Jump and Freeze, No rest Tabata by Daniela

Group 1: 20:10 4x per move 8 mins Vest for moves 1-3
1. Squat jumps: squat hold
2. Explosive pushup + back bow: dhanurasana hold
3. Plie squat jumps: plie hold
4. Tricep pushup tuck jump in plank: tricep or plank hold

Group 2: 20:10 3x per move 6:10min
1. Switch lunges: RL lunge hold
2. R side plank dip: side plank hold
3. Chair lunges (fast, from bench): LL lunge hold
4. L side plank dip: side plank hold

Group 3: 20:10 2x per move 4:10min
1. Bridge hops: bridge hold
2. High knees: LL warrior 3 hold
3. Squat jump fall to pushup: bear hold
4. Mtn climbers: RL warrior 3 hold

I was already gonna go past 2 hours so I cut out the last 10min set in the routine. Course I started with a close to half hour warm-up rather than the few minutes in the video. And then I take as long as I like with reps, not going slow, just really full range of motion and rest / note breaks as needed.

cardio AMRAP
10 minutes 8 reps/move
1. Star jumps
2. Yoga pushups Going from a butt-up tricep hold to an up dog
3. Groiners 2=1 Like a mountain climber w/ feet tapping on side of each foot
4. Jugglers
5. High Switch Kicks, 1+1=1 20 Burpee clap under tuck

That might’ve been a tab bit excessive #pyramid #reps #tabata

Especially considering I’m sick. Hopefully I won’t feel worse after I’ve “come down”. This was a massive burn for one workout, especially considering my size. You burn a higher rate the higher body mass you have. I’ve tried a few YouTube HIIT routines that call themselves 1,000 calorie burns, and most of the time I end at 500 something.

I’m definitely doing something low key tomorrow, maybe half easy HIIT and half yoga



Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

DAY 4: 12 Days of Burning Muscles by Daniela

Part 1 Pyramid: The format is simple but pretty brutal because you do the same moves over and over again. You start with the first move for 1 rep. Then you do the second move for 2 reps and the first move for 1, then the third move for 3, the second for 2 and the first for 1 rep and so on up to move Nr. 12.

Julia’s Time =  4:55 to 47:35- like 43min. My time = 1hr, 43min lol. Oy. Killed me. No vest. I should count the # of push-ups in this pyramid. Boy was it a relief to finish.

1. manmaker 30
2. overhead surrenders 20
3. clean and press 40
4. decline burpee cross cross (punch) tuck jump
5. diamond pushups + plank frog hop
6. deadlift plank hop rev grip row 30 This move felt really awkward to me in the order it was written, but I previewed a couple days b4 doing this workout due to getting sick. Changed it to Row (palms facing legs)-Plank Hop-Deadlift Up on round 10
7. squat and press 40
8. step ups bi curls (4/leg) 30 / 20 Changed to alt legs the 2nd time through this move. Dropped to 20lbs for round 11, just because bicep curls hit a weak spot in my left arm & it complained today.
9. tricep pushup star jump burpee
10. traffic dir lunges (5/leg) 20 Front & lateral raise, front w/ the leg that’s going forward
11. box jump plank hop (half burpee)
12. switch foot mtn climbers to Arnold press 30 With 1 raised knee.

I was really fucking tempted to just skip this part!

Part 2: Tabata Pairs and Challenge moves
Pair 1:
1. Manmakers 30
2. OH surrenders 20
Challenge move: 15 clean and presses 30 I finally ordered a 2nd 20lb dumbbell, but I don’t have it yet & was tired of doubling up 10s in one hand for the day

Pair 2:
1. Decline burpee cross cross tuck jump
2. Diamond pushups and plank frog hop
Challenge move: 15 deadlift plank hops 30

Pair 3:
1. Squat and press 30
2. Step up bi curls 20
Challenge move: 15 tricep pushup star jump burpees

Pair 4:
1. Traffic dir lunges 20
2. Box jump plank hop
Challenge move: 15 switch foot mtn climbers Arnold presses 20

(Time about 1:53)


About 10min

Anxiety levels are high today #Christmas #crazies

I guess I am not immune! My seated meditation didn’t relieve it either. But at least I did a little drawing and got my “don’t blow yer brains out” workout in.

I’ve gotta get to work on a reversal spell already. I’ve got most of the tools already, but I have to go back & select / fine tune a specific ritual.


Warm-up: (10/30)x6=4min Accidentally did 7x b/c forgot to start my monitor b4 the first interval

Day 3: Burpee Around the Christmas Tree

No vest for any of this. It gets my shoulders too tight to do a push-up focused routine with the vest. It’s way better (for me) for lower body with some upper body sets.

PART 1: x min

Tabata pairs 20:10 8x, 4 mins per pair + reps 

Set 1:
1. Plank jack + shoulder tap (2) to plank tuck jump
2. Wide curl Arnold press 30

10 burpee squat hold bi curl 30 curl in low squat, stand, then squat down & release curl again

Set 2:
1. Lateral step up to curtsy lunge 30 (switch legs after 2 rounds)
2. Single weight front raise. Turn to 1 side lunge & lift weight to overhead raise, alt sides 10 first 2 rounds was too light. 15lbs a little heavy. Also very hard to pivot feet on carpeting.

10 decline spider push-up (1) burpee air lunge jump like a super high switch lunge jump

Set 3:
1. Step up to rev lunge (switch legs after 2 rounds) 30 same foot that steps on the bench lunges back
2. Close bent row to upright row 30

10 twisted burpee (twisted mtn climber bottom, twisted switch Lunge at top) no push-up

Set 4:
1. Crab toe touch to side plank toe tap Roll onto side of foot you lift to touch (leg lift, tap front, back & set back down for crab (switch sides after 2 rounds)
2. Y presses, single-single-dbl 26

10 alt oblique burpee t stand dip alt sides

Set 5:
1. SL Mat hop + commando (switch legs second round) hop to each side & do a plank walk
2. Tricep kickbacks, single-single-dbl 26 Have been plateaued at 10lbs each arm here for awhile, bc I thought it’d be too clumsy hanging onto an additional 3lb weight w/ thumbs. I did it today! Made a difference.

10 SL tricep burpee hitch kick I really like this burpee variation!

(Time to this point 45:00)


No rest Tabata 20:10 8x 4 mins per paired move = 13min
30 sec rest in between rounds

1. Shalabhasana burpee: shoulder taps
2. Dive bomber burpee 2 star jumps: plank jacks
3. Bulgarian DL to SL pushup: Box jumps


Daniela’s Cardio AMRAP 8 minutes 8 reps each. 2 full rounds, a few seconds over to finish the last round, despite the fact that I forgot to omit the push-ups for move 3!
Wore my weighted vest for this set as it’s mostly lower body
1. Squat jump / heel click
2. Tornado switch lunges Front leg crosses in front of the back
3. Cannonball burpee Tuck jump in plank & at the top, no push-up
4. Star jumps
5. Froggy pushup plank tuck jump

Mini Pyramid Burnout upper body:
10 wide bi curl to Arnold presses 30
8 front raise to twist and OH raise 15 Each time u come to the center = 1 rep
6 close row to upright rows 30
4 Y presses SSD 26
2 tricep kickbacks SSD 30

Mini Pyramid Burnout Booty:
10 reps – 4 plank jack shoulder taps & plank tuck jump Balls of feet sore here – ill fitting, cheap sneakers bah.
8 lat step ups to curtsy/leg 30 Same leg curtsies as steps up
6 step up rev lunge/leg 30 Same leg lunges as steps up
4 crab toe touches to side plank toe taps/side
2 SL mat hops +commando

(Total time 1:23)

#Pyramid of a kajillion pushups & #yoga



DAY 1: 12 days of Christmas Pyramid by Christine C

  • Did this routine from the list as it was only 12 moves in one long pyramid.

On the first day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave to me:
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) (Elbow)

On the second day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave to me:
• 2  Quadzillas
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) (High)

On the third day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave to me:
• 3 jack pushup burpee star jump
• 2  quadzillas
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) (tricep hold)

On the fourth day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave to me:
• 4  angry donkey + heel clicks
• 3 jack pushup burpee star jump
• 2  quadzillas
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) RA staggered arm

On the fifth day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave to me
• 5 froggy push up + frog jump for height
• 4  angry donkey + heel clicks
• 3 jack pushup burpee star jump
• 2  quadzillas
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) LA staggered arm

On the sixth day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave to me
• 6 switch lunge to handstand
• 5 froggy push up + frog jump for height
• 4  angry donkey + heel clicks
• 3 jack pushup burpee star jump
• 2  quadzillas
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) SL plank

On the seventh day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave to me
• 7 (3) mtn climbers to SL tricep pushup
• 6 switch lunge to handstand
• 5 froggy push up + frog jump for height
• 4  angry donkey + heel clicks
• 3 jack pushup burpee star jumps
• 2  quadzillas
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) SL plank

On the eighth day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave to me
• 8 animal flow kick through landing on the outside foot
• 7 (3) mtn climbers to SL tricep pushup
• 6 switch lunge to handstand I’m not used to using a leading leg to jump into handstand & it was messing me up, particularly on the left leg back. So I started taking my vest off for this move in this round.
• 5 froggy push up + frog jump for height
• 4  angry donkey + heel clicks
• 3 jack pushup burpee star jump
• 2  quadzillas
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) SA plank

On the ninth day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave to me
• 9 pistol roll back pistol up tuck jump no vest
• 8 animal flow kick through
• 7 (3) mtn climbers to SL tricep pushup
• 6 switch lunge to handstand no vest
• 5 froggy push up + frog jump for height
• 4  angry donkey + heel clicks
• 3 jack pushup burpee star jump
• 2  quadzillas
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) SA plank

On the tenth day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave me
• 10 lunge back touch down kick (5/leg) kick with opp leg from lunging
• 9 pistol roll back pistol up tuck jump no vest
• 8 animal flow kick through
• 7 (3) mtn climbers to SL tricep pushup
• 6 switch lunge to handstand no vest
• 5 froggy push up + frog jump for height
• 4  angry donkey + heel clicks
• 3 jack pushup burpee star jump
• 2  quadzillas
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) bear crawl hold My quads started burning 5 seconds into this hold!!!

No vest for the last 2 rounds. This routine is a fuck of a lot of push-ups, lol.

On the Eleventh day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave to me:
• 11 oblique burpees (1=1) Jump back & push up & then diamond jumps
• 10 lunge back touch down kick (5/leg)
• 9 pistol roll back pistol up tuck jump
• 8 animal flow kick through
• 7 (3) mtn climbers to SL tricep pushup
• 6 switch lunge to handstand
• 5 froggy push up + frog jump for height
• 4  angry donkey + heel clicks
• 3 jack pushup burpee star jump
• 2  quadzillas
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) elbow plank

On the twelfth day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave to me:
• 12 Iron Quadzillas Like regular but adding a jump up & cross legs both sides
• 11 oblique burpees (1=1)
• 10 lunge back touch down kick (5/leg)
• 9 pistol roll back pistol up tuck jump
• 8 animal flow kick through
• 7 (3) mtn climbers to SL tricep pushup
• 6 switch lunge to handstand
• 5 froggy push up + frog jump for height
• 4  angry donkey + heel clicks
• 3 jack pushup burpee star jump
• 2  quadzillas
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) pushup hold

(Time = 1:10)


  • About 28min

Santa’s Special Treat Workout by Trish King

Got new batteries into my Polar monitor! Turns out the watch & the chest strap have separate batteries that really aren’t that easy to get out, but yay I got it done. And yes I was supposed to do yoga today but ended up working out late, starting 4pm. First I made some banana muffins from scratch and then C and I went cold weather gear & grocery shopping.
I’l be going cross country skiing for the first time ever at some point this winter. I took the bag & put it under the Christmas tree. (His will be a surprise but there’s a gift receipt in there just in case.)
  • With the video. This was a really low burner! At the end of it I was at 344 I think. The Booty set was really good though. It’d have been even better with skipping intervals. The whole routine took a long time to get my heart rate up & then didn’t keep it there, as you can see by the 110 average. I’m tempted to repeat the routine I was doing when the monitor shorted out… But right I keep saying I’m gonna yoga.

30:30 x2
1. Glute hyper extensions
2. SL Bridge L
3. SL bridge R
4. Squat hold

Core cardio: HIIT Pyramid: 50:10, 40:10, 30:10, & 20:10.
1. Burpee and 4 switch kicks
2. Decline spider push up burpee
3. Burpee, t stand , dip and leg lift
4. Decline tricep pushup + plank glute raises Tap floor out to the side & then do glute raise
5. Wall handstand, shoulder tap, squat jump It was much harder than I’d thought it’d be to take one hand off the floor in a wall handstand, but I’d done this before w/ Julia & it wasn’t so bad. I could really feel my shoulders from yesterday tho so maybe that’s why.

50:15 second body squats:10 sec rest. 2x each exercise before moving onto next 25 mins
With 8lb vest
1. Deadlift squat 40
2. Good mornings 40
3. Levitating lunge L
4. SL bridge L
5. Levitating lunge R
6. SL bridge R
7. Sumo squat 40
8. Squat and press 30
9. Butterfly glute bridge 30
10. Froggy push-up tuck jump No vest this one move

Wall work: Reps- do 20 reps of the first move and then move to second, do 20 reps, go back to the first move and do 6 reps, then move to the 3rd move and do 20 reps, go back to second move and do 6 reps, 4th move 20 reps etc
1. Hand stand shoulder taps
2. Wall squat leg lifts
3. Elevated feet plank spiders
4. Wall commandos
5. 90 degree wall handstand / (kept ankle weights on for the 6 reps)
6.Donkey kicks with ankle weights. Did 10 per leg at the end instead of 3, so I had two rounds of 10 each leg

Core 50:25 plank:10 1x (25 seconds of plank between each move)11:20 mins
1. Heavy weight side deadlift L 35lb kettlebell
2. Heavy weight side deadlift R
3. Crunches
4. Pike ab sliders
5. Tuck abs, 3lbs bet feet


About 25min

#interval #pyramid, #tabata & a tiny bit of #yoga

OK I didn’t stick to plan with a yoga based workout. Didn’t get my heart rate up consistently with this one which is unusual for a Julia routine. I think I don’t have heavy enough weights, but holding the two 10s as often as I do hurt both of my hands today. Am I hitting a plateau or is my Polar breaking or both? I mean was I seriously only in fat burning mode for all but 18 minutes?


Functional Full Body Workout by Kristin R

50:10 / 40:10 / 30:10
Broad Jump to Box Jump + Bunny Hops back
Spiderman Pushup up to Alt Superman
Front Raise to OH Squat 20
Pendulum Lunges + Rows (alt wide and narrow rows with fwd and rev lunge) 30
Pike to Shalabhasana Ball Pass to Roll to Extend

Tabata 20:10 x 8
Deadlift to High Pulls 30
Floor Press to Bridge (Close Grip Press and Bridge are simultaneous) 30 8 sets in a row made my hands really hurt!

Tabata 20:10 x 4 for each move
SA (Hand or Forearm) Plank + SA Row 20
Reverse curls 5lbs bet feet Deadbug

50:10 / 40:10 / 30:10
Chest Press + Froggy Legs in and out 40 Hurt both hands holding the two 10s
Bunny Hops Fwd + 2 Heel Taps + Hop Back (tap inner heels with hands – opp hand/foot, hop back)
Kickouts (From plank, kick bottom leg out) x2 + Crab Turn (kickouts x 2, crab turn x1 , kickouts)
Sumo Lateral Shuffle to Surrender (stay low in sumo, shuffle over to end of mat, surrender) 20
Tricep Dips(Hands on Weights) + Alt SA Hammer Curl 20

Tabata 20:10 x8 for each move
Bent Over Wide Rows + Bicep Curl (Palms out) 30
Sumo Squats 40

Tabata 20:10 x 4 for each move
SL Tricep Pushups (Switch legs w each pu)
Alt Pistols Heels propped, no vest for this one.

50:10 / 40:10 / 30:10
Front Sumo Squat to Arnold Press (hold weights at shoulders, palms facing you, press) 30
Bodyweight Alt Deep Fwd Lunge + Pick weights up & put back down 30
Chest Fly + Alt Star Legs to Sit up (Fly arms out, star legs out, simultaneous movements. Next do sit up with fly, alternate btw stars and sit ups) 20
Stiff Leg Deadlift to Hammer Curl & Shoulder Press Upright Row 30
Plank forearm crawl Fwd and back

Tabata 20:10 x 8 for each move
Discuss (switch arms halfway through, so after 4 rounds)
SA Clean & Press 20 I alternated all the way thru this one bc I’d done extra presses the set before & also left arm is a bit weaker w/ the 20lbs

Tabata 20:10 x 4 for each move
Squats & back lunge L, R 40
Wide Pushups



About 15min. More tomorrow! My body is obviously rebelling

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Pyramid Butt Workout

  • 10-7, I went down rather than up! AND I didn’t finish!!! First time ever but my time just for the 4 rounds was 1:40. 
    • I could still feel soreness in my right delt and there are a lot of push-ups in here. I think I did it with the recent chest press. I like to do 40lbs but I have to hold the two 10s in my right hand and it really hurt my right hand last time. The jiggling creates extra strain in stabilization. I had to drop down. That was the only thing I did different, right to left, involving shoulders so I know that was the culprit. I had the realization as soon as I was doing wide push-ups (similar motion) and the tweak complained.
    • I remember I used to wonder how I was cutting up my right hand during yoga practice. The right shoulder is stiffer… I figured it out real quick when I was clawing left hand down right, binding both hands to the right foot in nataranjasana. I hit a fresh, still sore cut I’d made just the day before. Aha!
  • 4 rounds as per below (10 reps, 9 reps, 8 reps, 7 reps)
  • Ankle weights: thru round 7 for moves 1-3, 8-10
  1. Sumo squats  with leg lifts 30lbs dumbells + 8lb vest & ankle weightsDo sumo & then lift L & R (alt) leg out to the side & squeeze
  2. Bulgarian split squats R and L legs 30lbs dumbells + 8lb vest & ankle weights Run thru all reps on each leg & then switch
  3. Curtsy lunge pulses 30lbs dumbells + 8lb vest & ankle weights
  4. 5 Jugglers + 2 box jump 8lb vest
  5. Pike fast feet for 5 + drop down (belly on floor) + tuck jump bodyweight Hands off the floor & a little arch in the back @ the bottom (like competition burpees)
  6. SL hop in box with weight 15lb dumbbell rounds 10-8, then dropping to 10lbs
  7. Kick through burpees bodyweight 2 push-ups @ the bottom
  8. Elv 90 Degree glute raises  30lbs dumbells + 8lb vest & ankle weights Standing foot on bench. Pike-ish position. Touch toes to floor
  9. Dead lift combo 30lbs dumbells 1st round, then 35lb kettle bell + 8lb vest & ankle weights Reg, feet pointed in, feet pointed out
  10. SL hip thrusts 30lbs dumbells + 8lb vest & ankle weights On floor, from tabletop


  • About 15min. Tomorrow I’ll focus on yoga, that which I am able to do, lol.